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If you are in SF, there is an opportunity to check out this screening at
the International Southeast Asian Film Festival at New People Cinema in

*The Kalampag Tracking Agency: Experimental Films & Videos from the
Philippines (1985 - 2015)*
More details at: http://www.i-seafilmfest.com/festival-highlights.html#p11
fb: https://www.facebook.com/events/1527671400857899/
Curated by Merv Espina & Shireen Seno, Manila
Various directors—67 min
The Kalampag Tracking Agency is a curatorial and organizational
collaboration between Shireen Seno and Merv Espina. Overcoming
institutional and personal lapses to give attention to little-seen
works—some quite recent, some surviving loss and decomposition—this program
collects loose parts in motion, a series of bangs, or kalampag in Tagalog,
assembled by their individual strengths and how they might resonate off
each other and a contemporary audience. Featuring some of the most striking
films and videos from the Philippines and its diaspora, this initiative
continues to navigate the uncharted topographies of Filipino alternative
and experimental moving image practice from the past 30 years.

And/or join us at the opening night gala at ATA, where I will be
*"Ways of Seeing: People and Places of Southeast Asia"*
details at: http://www.i-seafilmfest.com/festival-highlights.html#p1
fb: https://www.facebook.com/events/1655395104700941/
Family home movies, moving and still images from the French colonial era,
Hollywood films, and declassified CIA propaganda frame the varied histories
of Southeast Asians in a live interactive presentation at I-SEA Film
Festival opening night party. Attendees discover little known histories and
explore different notions of the Southeast Asian experience through moving
and still images. What ideologies and values frame these images? Beyond the
stereotypes, do these images reflect some semblance of Southeast Asian
identity? Curated by Ina Adele Ray the program is co-presented by Stephen
Gong from Center for Asian American Media Memories to Light and Laotian
Poet, Bryan Thao Worra. Featuring Southeast Asian Streetfood Pop-up - SUP!,
music provided DJ Richie from Traktivist.com and a food installation by
artist Ouater Sand <http://h2osand.com/>.

*Learn more about I-SEA here: International Southeast Asia Film Festival
(I-SEA) <http://i-seafilmfest.com>*


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