Toronto, Canada

Niagara Custom Lab is a full service motion picture film laboratory, one
of the last of a rare breed that focuses on providing the most complete
and diverse post-production services available. Our goal is to provide
these important services to anyone interested in shooting or working with
motion picture film by preserving and maintaining it as an active artistic
medium. Currently we process and print every supported motion picture
stock available, plus many recently discontinued stocks. We meet industry
set standards, as well as push the limits of the medium with alternative
methods to provide the best results for our clients work. We are a small
group of passionate artisans who are continuously improving and exploring
the boundaries of what a film laboratory can be, the possibilities are

The Front End Manager is in charge of the front office and is the primary
contact person for clients, handling all client project workflow
scheduling. The Front End Manager cleans and preps processed films for
printing and transfer. This position is also responsible for all social
media, film store, supplies, and shipping and receiving.

- Knowledge of motion picture laboratory processes
- Experience handling 35mm, 16mm, Super 8, Regular 8, and Double 8 film
- Excellent working knowledge of motion picture film stocks
- Excellent customer service
- Office management skills
- Organizational and time management skills
- Ability to meet strict deadlines
- High attention to detail

Position will be part-time to start with the possibility of moving to
full-time in the new year. Interested applicants please send cover letter
and resume to

Deadline: Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 5:00pm

Niagara Custom Lab
182A St. Helens Avenue
Toronto, Ontario  M6H 4A1

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