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Thanks for the feedback!
FrameWorks is only a text-based mailing list so there are no hyperlinks. I suppose many people read their email on a web browser (for example if you have gmail and you use FireFox to access it). I don't - I have a pop account on my re-voir domain and I use Eudora to read email, and there is no html support in Eudora, though it is the most powerful email client I have found and I have been using it since FrameWorks started in 1995. But you are right that it is very easy to delete all but the essential part of the thread to which you are replying. This is common etiquette on listservs, especially helpful for those who receive the list as a digest.

At 14:34 -0800 5/11/15, Ken Paul Rosenthal wrote:
don't include each and every post that has proceeded it. Simply including your standalone reply, comment, etc will make navigating the posts so much more enjoyable. The Doculink listserve/community respects this 99% of the time and it's so sweet. Furthermore, like Doculink, it would be more functional if we could simply click on the subject headings and automatically be brought straight to that part of the thread. Pip, can that happen? It would help mitigate those who chronically include miles of
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