Hi all, 

Late happy birthday wishes to all and sundry, and to Pip in particular.
I wasn't intending to clutter up the listserv, but would like to second Ken's 
motion that everyone make an effort to delete previous posts. For those of us 
on the digest, having to scroll through screeds of back posts is 
exasperating--not enough to make me unsubscribe after all these years, but 
enough to discourage reading Frameworks on busy days....

Deke Dusinberre

On Nov 6, 2015, at 1:00 PM, frameworks-requ...@jonasmekasfilms.com wrote:
> But you are right that it is very easy to delete all but the  essential part 
> of the thread to which you are replying. This is common etiquette on 
> listservs, especially helpful for those who receive the list as a digest.


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