AgX Indiegogo Officially Launched!




                            AgX: An artist-run film lab and collective needs 
your support!











                            It's really happening!

The AgX Indiegogo campaign has officially launched! Support the Boston area's 
brand new artist-run film lab and collective and be rewarded with books, DVDs, 
original artwork and actual film prints from amazing filmmakers, theater 
memberships, magazines and much more! 

Thanks to all who came out to our open house and screening this past weekend at 
Waltham Mills Open Studios! We met so many people excited to connect or 
reconnect with the materiality and magic of filmmaking. Whether as an official 
AgX member, occasional workshop participant or avid audience member, many are 
eager for an active, collaborative film resource – And together we will make it 
happen! We just need this initial catalyst of donations and AgX will be a 
full-fledged film lab and workspace! 

You can probably already feel the warm, luminous glow from all of the future 
projections your pledge is supporting. Visit our Indiegogo campaign to help us 
us now!






            AgX members' screening during Waltham Mills Open Studios





            Cameraless filmmaking workshop run by AgX members


















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