hereby I welcome you on the Tarzana tour:

"Tarzana's sound groups a long five year collaboration between musicians Jan 
Anderzén (Fonal, Kemialliset Ystävät, Tomutonttu) and Spencer Clark (The 
Skaters, Pacific City Soundvisions, Monopoly Child Star Searchers). A space 
ethnic alien hyperdimensional ooze is here, brought into a live setting with 
the addition of belgian synthesist composer Floris Vanhoof (Kraak, Ultra 
eczema), who, in Tarzana, will be playing free sampladelic drum pads."
21.11.2015 - West Germany, Berlin, Germany
22.11.2015 - Prague tbc
23.11.2015 - Rhiz, Vienna, Austria
24.11.2015 - Stuttgart, Germany
25.11.2015 - Cave12, Genève, Switzerland
26.11.2015 - Ch/It tbc
27.11.2015 - Milano, Italy
28.11.2015 - Ground Zéro, Lyon, France
29.11.2015 - Paris, France
30.11.2015 - Ghent, Belgium tbc
01.12.2015 - Coachwerks, Brighton, United Kingdom
02.12.2015 - The Victoria Dalston, London, United Kingdom
03.12.2015 - Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands
04.12.2015 - Het Bos, Antwerpen, Belgium
05.12.2015 - Friese, Bremen, Germany


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