Hello dear Frameworkers,
At the moment we are working on a project called Dizziness–A Resource 
<http://www.on-dizziness.org/> that shall ultimately lead to an exhibition at 
Kunsthaus Graz, Austria <https://www.museum-joanneum.at/en/kunsthaus-graz> in 
2017. Focussing on the „dizziness" in the artistic working process while 
pairing it with the intention that more artists should take an interest in the 
topic we would like to propose this competition.
If you like it, please share it!
Seasons greetings from Vienna, Ruth + Leo

The Kunsthaus Graz, together with the artistic research project Dizziness–A 
Resource, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and the Department of Differential 
Psychology, Karl-Franzens-University Graz, is pleased to invite applications 
for the competition Living in a Dizzying World for the inclusion of your art 
work at an exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz, Austria, in 2017. Please note, that 
this art competition specially reaches out to artists interested in learning 
more about the specifics of their personal working processes, as it is 
accompanied by a survey. If you dislike being part of the survey, do not apply.
Registration: From 15th December 2015 until 14th January 2016 @ 
d...@uni-graz.at <mailto:d...@uni-graz.at> (no fees)

This is an interdisciplinary endeavor to prepare for an upcoming exhibition in 
2017 at the Kunsthaus Graz on the topic and it includes a call for an artist 
competition–for being part of the exhibition, for artist's lectures and project 
presentations the winners will be invited to the Kunsthaus Graz.

The Competition:
In an increasingly destabilized world, every individual has to deal with 
overwhelming and dizzying situations on a daily basis, be it on a personal 
level or on a political scale. Dizziness arises locally, and situationally, and 
combines various elements (theories, methods, matters, disciplines, artefacts, 
time and space). It can clear a way ahead, stir things up, move heaven and 
earth–dizziness is a destabilizer.

Artists are invited to create a piece of time-based art from 2 to 10 minutes on 
the topic Living in a Dizzying World. After two weeks, participants must upload 
their artwork to a provided server.

The Survey:
Person data: First, the participants will be asked to complete an online survey 
giving some general personal information. (10-15min)
Process data: While working on the artwork, artists answer questions on their 
artistic process (e.g. Have you worked on the project today?) via electronic 
media (smartphone app or email). This will take around three minutes per day.
Please find more information under the links below: 

http://on-dizziness.com/survey/ <http://on-dizziness.com/survey/>
or via mail to Kevin Kerschenbauer & Mathias Benedek d...@uni-graz.at 

Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond

When I came in I was confused, when I came out I was full of ideas. Eilean 


Dizziness-A Resource FWF-PEEK AR-224

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