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Cat film for Katy and Cynnie 1973, 16mm, color, silent, 4:00

From the EMAF 2011 Retrospctive Catalog… 

In the early 70's, a New York cat-lover and film-maker named Pola Chapelle 
produced a ›Cat Film Festival:‹ which was shown in a large downtown NYC 
auditorium to an audience of more than a thousand catlovers. At the time, I 
lived with my wife Ursula and our daughters Katy and Cynnie, together with 
many, too many cats. I loved my family but not the cats. But one of our cats 
would wag her tail endlessly as long as her neck was stroked and, with the 
right music on the film's sound track, she really looked like she was 
conducting the musicians. This idea became Catfilm for Ursula. The audience 
loved it, and I was awarded a carton of cat food for the film. But to my 
disappointment, this audience was only interested in just seeing cats; 
obviously they cared not at all about the wonderful art of film. So when the 
second ›cat film festival‹ was announced, I decided to play with their 
obsession. First, I put three cats in a bathroom without food for two days to 
make sure they were super-hungry. Then I took a large glass panel and placed my 
camera underneath it, then covered the glass with a mixture of milk and flour 
and placed the hungry cats on top of the glass. This became Catfilm for Katy 
and Cynnie. At first, while looking at a blank screen, the audience hated it: 
Where are the cats? ...until finally, to their hysterical delight, the cats 
appeared by licking away to reveal themselves.
—Standish Lawder


> On Dec 29, 2015, at 2:17 PM, Gene Youngblood <ato...@comcast.net> wrote:
> Friends, 
> I’m drawing a blank on the title of a one-shot film, I think by Standish 
> Lawder, of cats drinking milk in a glass bowl, seen from the bottom.
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