Also, Jorge Lozano (not to be confused with me, Jorge Lorenzo) is a Colombian 
living in Toronto and has many contacts with people like Andrés García la Rota 
who runs Plataforma in Bogota.  Jorge Lozano used to run the Alucine Festival.
Also consider Andrés Jurado (Colombian) and Enrico Mandirola (Italian living in 
Colombia).  They both work on a series of workshops to generate contemporary 
experimental film in Bogotá.  
In another more narrative line, but very personal and uncompromising is the 
work of Dairo Cervantes.  His work is low-budget and poetic, very effective.  
He's been lately working with puppets and is now doing a docu-lie (as he calls 
it) about the puppeteer who works on his films.
Finally, if anyone is interested in research on all sorts of film, ranging from 
experimental to commercial to whatever you can think of, Augusto Bernal at 
Black Maria Film School in Bogota is a key figure.  He is acquainted with the 
history of film in Bogotá and its makers.
Diana González, no living in Mexico City published a really good book on the 
Caliwood film scene that emerged in the seventies (as Ospina, Mayolo, and 
Caicedo where already mentioned).
Hope this helps!

Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2015 08:47:08 +0100
Subject: Re: [Frameworks] Experimental film/video from COLUMBIA S.A.?

Hey David,

If ex-pats count, one half of Ojoboca (Juan David González Monroy) is from 
Colombia, currently working in Berlin. Their film Gente Perra (2014) is based 
in part on a story by a Colombian author and makes reference to aspects of the 
culture there particularly regarding European colonization of South America. 
Might fit the bill if you're not limited to a strictly historical program.


On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 6:52 PM, Caroline Gil <> wrote:
Hi David,
To add to the list of suggestions, La Langosta Azul 
( would be a great addition. All of Luis Ospina 
and Carlos Mayolo’s work is fantastic, in particular their amazing documentary 
on writer Andrés Caicedo; Unos pocos buenos amigos 
( Víctor Gaviria has made some interesting 
fiction work, El Vagón Rojo comes to mind. As well as Jorge Silva and Marta 
Rodríguez, their most well-know documentary is called Chircales. Artists to 
consider on the videtart front would be Rodrigo Castaño, Sandra Isabel Llano, 
Gilles Charalambos. You could expand on your search with these 
Good luck on your search!
On Dec 27, 2015, at 5:49 PM, FCO. JAVIER HURTADO MOMPEO <> wrote:
one of the most experimental "classic" colombian films its called "Agarrando 
pueblo" directed by Carlos Mayolo and Luis Ospina. Luis Ospina is still alive. 
Marta Rodriguez (anthropologist and filmmaker, still alive too) on the other 
hand is another key figure in the documentary engaged in social (indigenous) 

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Tema: [Frameworks] Experimental film/video from COLUMBIA S.A.?

Greetings,We have a young video artist from Columbia S.A.  visiting Exploded 
View in a couple of weeks and I was looking for any recommendations of any 
works (are there any classics?) of Columbian experimental film/video that we 
might show to round out the bill. I am unfamiliar with works from here and 
searching for "Columbia and experimental film" ends up w/ a million links 
Columbia College & Columbia University and the other N.A Columbias...

I did find this organization , but wanted any 
Frameworks recommendations if they exist.
Best New Years wishes from Exploded View, David
David Sherman
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