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On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 11:50 AM, Dominic Angerame <> wrote:

> I am shocked at this news, since I just spoke with Michael a few days ago
> about the coming of Bruce Baillie to San Francisco. I met Michael in the
> Spring of 1980 when I was first hired and we became co-managers. Together
> we were able to streamline procedures and publish a major catalog. Catalog
> #5. We had save Canyon from almost total collapse in two short years and
> helping it become the distinquished film distributors in the world. I enjoy
> working with Michael and we both seemed to be on the same wavelength in
> regards to the work at Canyon. When he left Canyon in 1983 we remained good
> friends and kept in touched. He always encouraged me to continue the
> efforts to keep Canyon Cinema, which I was able to do until my departure in
> 2012. One of the most enjoyable things about Michael was that he was fair
> minded and able to balance conflicts in a reasonable way.
> I am going to miss him greatly, and now Michael is there with the angels.
> Dominic Angerame
> On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 11:31 AM, Steve Polta <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Scott. Thanks for breaking this. I heard about this a few days ago
>> myself.
>> Michael Wallin, a very long-time Bay Area resident, was really an
>> important stalwart figure in the local exp film community, going back to
>> his very close mentor/mentee relationship with Bruce Baillie in the early
>> 1070s, through close involvements with Canyon Cinema, San Francisco
>> Cinematheque ('80s mostly) and of course the many local filmmakers he was
>> close friends with. Along the way he was an occasional teacher at local
>> film schools and was really important to me personally during my second
>> semester in SFAI's Filmmaking MFA program, encouraging personal
>> introspection and self-revelation as an important component of filmmaking;
>> he was actually a licensed therapist and was very much dedicated to
>> facilitating growth and personal healing. While I didn't personally apply
>> this (directly) to my own films this attitude certainly rubbed off on me
>> and informed my personal life very much. And while I would never claim that
>> he was a close close friend, he and I developed a warmth and strong respect
>> for each other that persisted for years. He seemed to inherently value
>> everyone I saw him interact with with sincere respect and seemed to bring
>> to life a warm curiosity and sense of bemused humor and love. Circa 1995 he
>> curated a "favorite films" type of screening at San Francisco Cinematheque
>> which included really oddball films by Anger, Brakhage, George Kuchar,
>> Victor Faccinto, Curt McDowell (the last screening of RONNIE before that
>> film's disappearance) and others which was filled with humor and goofy
>> off-the-wall expressions of quirky polymorphous sexuality. This screening
>> was highly memorable to me. His own film, the sensitive and quite sexually
>> explicit, *The Place Between Our Bodies*
>> <> (1975) is considered by
>> some to be a landmark film in gay avant-garde cinema while its 1995
>> follow-up *Black Sheep Boy*
>> <> is a thoughtful, sexy and
>> loving consideration of an approaching middle-age. I personally consider
>> Wallin's *Decodings* <>
>> (1988) to be a (largely unrecognized) masterpiece of poetic found-footage
>> filmmaking and one of the most moving and personal uses of that form anyone
>> is likely to see. His work does not seem to be as well known outside of the
>> local community and that's too bad. But locally Michael was really beloved
>> and this loss is actually quite jarring to many of us here in the Bay Area.
>> Wow. Rest In Peace Michael Wallin...
>> Steve Polta
>> On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 10:52 AM, Scott Stark <> wrote:
>>> Just a note to the community that San Francisco filmmaker Michael Wallin
>>> passed away last week.
>>> A brief bio of Michael and his work can be found on the Canyon Cinema
>>> website:
>>> Scott
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