Logmar designed the new Kodak Super 8 camera hardware/software based
on their high end pin registered Logmar S8. No timecode. Some basic
file metadata for each sound file recorded. 24 bit internal digital
recorder can output mp3 or ogg vorbis. Crystal sync accurate to 0.001
fps. Upgradable firmware. I would recommend a clapper on set. Then
synchronize in digital editor whereby you slip audio track until you
nail sync visually with the filmed clapper.

Logmar is soliciting potential interest in a new digital servo
pin-registered Super 8 projector. Not Kodak. You can find the Logmar
S8 camera manual here, i.e.
Check out Friedemann Wachsmuth's  2K scan of the Logmar S8 Camera and
Kodak Vision 3 50D Super 8 film, i.e. https://vimeo.com/129700087

I suspect the Kodak camera will not approach the pin registered
quality of the Logmar S8 but it's impending release has excellent
pedigree. Such is destiny that Kodak checked out the Logmar S8 at
Cinegear 2015. :)

On Fri, Jan 8, 2016 at 5:56 PM, Ed  Inman <edin...@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Interesting that the camera has a microphone that presumably will be
> synchronized with the picture in the digital file.
> I'm just wondering how they will accomplish that.
> Will the camera print a time code on the film sort of like the DTS cinema
> system?
> Will there be new projectors that can project the actual film with the sound
> synchronized on a CD-ROM?
> That would really be something--especially if the track could be digitally
> edited, with music or effects added and still remain synchronized.
> I have a French-dubbed 35mm movie that I am able to play back in English
> using the DTS discs.
> I'd love to see something like that for 16mm as well.
> Ed
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> "Customer's will
>> take delivery of said digital scan via the internet and Kodak will
>> ship the original S8 negative with a S8 print. That is not a typo and
>> we are are attempting to officially confirm the print delivery."
> Hi Nicholas,
> where was the S8 print mentioned? I have been trying to find some online
> source, but haven't found one yet.
> Super-8 prints are awesome :) I have shot my home movies on Kodak Vision
> films and made workprints of them @ Andec in Germany. If Kodak were to offer
> this service to everyone it could eventually lead to a renaissance of film
> prints.
> Heikki
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