Dear Friends and Supporters of Lawrence Brose,

Lawrence’s case was recently sighted in an article by Lisa Duggan in The Nation,
a notable publication with an international readership.  And, as Bill Dobbs has
recently noted, the journalists are finally connecting the dots, placing
Lawrence’s case in the larger context beyond Western New York.   Here is a link
to the whole article which is worth a read and sharing with your network.

Lawrence is referenced in this context:  “Many critics wanted to know why the
DHS was in the business of policing consensual adult sex in the first place?
Previous cases against escort websites had involved the FBI, not the DHS.
Created after 9/11 to unify the operations of 22 federal agencies, the DHS was
designed to focus on terrorism, cyber crime, border security, and so-called
national preparedness. And yet in recent years it has apparently strayed far
from that mandate. In 2014, it conducted a widely mocked “panty raid
” on a local lingerie shop in Kansas City for unlawfully reproducing a
sports-team logo on 36 pairs of cotton underpants. The DHS’s ICE agents also
garnered considerable ire from LGBT and arts groups after a six-year campaign
against gay Buffalo artist Lawrence Brose on child-pornography charges. The
child-porn charges were ultimately dropped; Brose pleaded guilty to an obscenity
charge in 2014, after running out of resources to continue his fight.”

The hyperlink “six-year campaign” above leads directly to the wonderful article
and look back on Lawrence’s case written by Colin Dabkowski for the Buffalo

The Defense Fund Team is dedicated to keeping you informed on Lawrence’s
situation and its relevance to artistic freedom of expression and social


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Thank you for your continued support. Please share this with your own network.

The Lawrence Brose Legal Defense Fund Team
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