Hello friends,

GAZE Film Series has just opened a new call for entries for our next
screening in early April. We are a film series in San Francisco dedicated
to screening independent film and video made by women.

I'm posting the call here (see below), but please visit the website for
more information.

Mallary, Tessa, Adrianne, Meredith, and Targol

GAZE film series <https://gazefilmseries.wordpress.com/> is seeking works
that investigate relationships between people and places as they shape
personal or collective experiences. This program explores how specific
spaces, places and sites might reflect varying experiences of rootedness,
movement, displacement, and/or transformation. What memories and rituals
migrate through time and space and what is lost? We are interested in works
that experiment with ethnographic approaches and/or anthropological
questions as they relate to beings and the environment. Please submit
films or videos that are 25 minutes or less by March 1st.


 "I am a part of all that I have met." - Alfred Lord Tennyson, Ulysses
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