Having just screened a 16mm print of Report rented from Michelle Silva and the 
Conner Family Trust and having watched the version up at UBU several times 
http://ubu.com/film/conner_report.html I am surprised when I read a 1966 review 
of Report by Robert Mosen (Film Quarterly, Vol. 19, No. 3, Spring, 1966, pp. 
54-56) who describes the film this way:

> Conner opens Report with several minutes of a printed film loop of Jackie and 
> Caroline as they approach, kneel at, and walk away from Kennedy's coffin 
> which is lying in state.

And then:

> We go through a few loops before the sound track begins. It is a radio 
> newscast of the five minutes of routine Dallas motorcade that preceded the 
> assassination.


> What follows the film loop and occupies the remaining ten minutes of the film 
> can only be described as a tour de force of implicational montage. The image 
> is a constant shuffle of several groups of footage. The first thing we see is 
> a close-up of matador and bull in the thick of battle.

This sounds like a different film.  How many versions were there?  What would 
Mosen likely have seen?




john muse
visiting assistant professor of independent college programs
haverford college


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