So sorry to hear about this. I remember dropping off envelopes with
daylight boxes full of film and cash payments at 4am in Englewood through
the slot in the door, and being able to pick up my workprints soon after
noon during my college days. Later, I worked with them on the timing and
release printing of my graduate thesis film. The care and attention they
gave to experimental work, as well as the time Robert spent with me on the
phone and in person to explain the best way to get the look I wanted was
valuable to me, and I'm sure to many others. They will be missed.


Jason Halprin

On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 5:48 AM, Robert Schaller <>

> In the end, it happened suddenly.  There had been difficult negotiations
> with an avaricious landlord for a few months.  It looked like it would be
> worked out, that there were at least three months before any move would
> need to be contemplated, but some ten days ago the landlord arbitrarily
> decided that he needed another $1,000 a month effective immediately.  It
> was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, and the lab decided
> to say no.  A week ago was the final processing run; tomorrow the last
> things leave the building.
> One of three processing machines is being saved, intended for a new
> artist-run lab in Denver.  I grieve for the others, but they were too big
> and there was no time.
> So passes a lab that has consistently been a vital part of the
> experimental film world.  They printed many, many important and beautiful
> films from Brakhage's *Interim* in 1952 to *Mothlight*  to the work of
> Phil Solomon to Nick Dorsky's most recent work.  They will be missed, a
> casualty of a changing commercial landscape and, oddly, of the legalization
> of marijuana in Colorado that has driven up rent for warehouse space.
> There are a number of optical and contact printers, optical sound
> recorders, etc., that have been saved.  Please contact Robert David, the
> owner of Cinemalab, at 303 783 1020 or for
> more information.
> Meanwhile, Cinemalab continues it's digital mastering and film transfer
> work. In a much smaller spaceā€¦
> RIP, Cinemalab.
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