When I project my 16 films on my Bell & Howell TQ3 projector , sometimes, with 
starting the projector or when a splice passes the gate, the image starts to 
skip (or "jump").
Does anyone know this phenomenon and what to do about it?
Often, during projection, I'm on the other side of the room, playing the live 
soundtrack, so avoiding skips is a must.

What would be the least expensive source for EMM 24V 250W lamps?
I'm in Europe, though cheap lamps can come from everywhere.

And are there (cooler, brighter) LED alternatives for these lamps?
EMM 24V 250W
ELC 24V 250W
EHJ 24V 250W
Or more in general: is anyone installing LED in old projectors already? 
I've got no experience with bright LED's and LED drivers, but it sounds like 
the future to me!

See you next weeks in:
Cable festival, Nantes
Mire, Nantes
In L'Etna, Paris
At Kraak festival, Brussels

Best, Floris
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