Dear Michael,

In college I was at the University of Notre Dame where I was an
officer/programmer of the Student/Faculty Film Society. We mainly showed
foreign titles (Fellini, Kurosawa, Truffaut, DeSica, and other contemporary
directors) but also Bruce Conner; his  A Movie was shown five or six times
in two years with discussions about editing; when President Kennedy was
killed in Texas we were scheduled to show Last Year At Marienbad once, but
because  all campus events were canceled, except us, we showed the Resnais
film four successive times to sold out audiences.  We always provided typed,
well researched, program notes that we sent to living directors.
Michelangelo Antonioni  liked what I wrote about him and sent me a letter of
approval. So did Carl Foreman and John Frankenheimer (years later I got to
spend time with Frankenheimer and Antonioni). --Robert A. Haller, Anthology
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Subject:  [Frameworks] Film/video programers/curators and campus film

Hi Frameworks: I¹m doing some research on what connections (if any) exist
between people who program or curate film, video, and other moving image
media and their experiences in college and university.

Question: If you are currently programming or curating, did you get any
experience at a college or university campus film society or screening

I know of histories in Toronto at universities like Ryerson, University of
Toronto, and York University, and have read anecdotal accounts from schools
like Binghamton, NY, where students from those schools programmed ambitious
experimental screenings on campus and then continued to program/curate
afterwards, but I¹m wondering how widespread that connection is. And whether
it¹s a North American phenomenon or if it occurs elsewhere.

Please share any stories or personal histories, either privately to me, or
to the listserv.

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