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You should also check the film cartridge. My class has had a number of Kodak cartridges give false exposed signals recently and ended up with rolls of unexposed film. This has happened to at least three of my classes in the past 5-6 years, that a batch of Kodak S8 cartridges have stuck. It's happened not just to my class, but to the community (Keith at Yale Film had his own film shoot ruined because of this failure). Kodak doesn't take responsibility.

We give the cartridges a knock to loosen the film and wind the spool is taughtbefore loading, then keep an eye on the moving dials. And we don't process until we see EXPOSED printed on the film.

Good luck! Dana

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Hello Frameworkers,

My Nizo 4056 is having issues. I feel the camera is not taking up the film from the canister. I am also not sure if the aperture is functioning properly; I have a hunch that it may be suck open. I want to open her up and see what is going on. Does anyone is a service/repair manual exists for the Nizo? Can anyone recommend an experienced camera junkie who would be willing to assess and service the Nizo?


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