Dear Frameworkers in the Portland area,
This program didn't make it in time for the listings, but this Wednesday,
May 4th Northwest Film Center will present the Portland screening of The
Spaces Between Cities, an experiment in international collaboration. The
program includes four continents of experimental filmmakers from Seoul,
Berlin, Toronto, San Francisco, and many more.
Filmmakers in screening order: Pip Chodorov, Charles Chadwick, Kate Lain,
Amy Bassin & Mark Bickley, Reed O'Beirne, Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos,
Stephen Broomer, Salise Hughes, Douglas Katelus, Blanca Rego, Arto Polus,
Robert Zverina, Margaret Rorison, Dustin Zemel, Ben Popp, Insa Langhorst,
Anna Kipervaser, Pablo Molina Guerrero, Milan Milosavlijevic, Jesse Malmed

In addition Northwest Film Center will be screening a program of my films
on Thursday, May 5th:  Erasures and Spaces: The Revisionist Films of Salise

The Spaces Between Cities trailer:

Northwest Film Center events calendar:


Salise Hughes
Artist, Filmmaker, Armchair Anthropologist
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