I am posting this item per the request of the  "Bruce Baillie Team".

Dear all,

We are reaching out to you today to introduce you to The Bruce Baillie
project. We launched a Kickstarter for the project and we need your help!

The Bruce Baillie project is comprised of a bi-lingual (Spanish/English)
publication and touring retrospective of Baillie’s work. This project will
bring Bruce’s work to audiences in Latin America, Europe and the United
States, with a touring 16mm retrospective of his films. The bilingual book
will be published by Interior XIII and Distrital Film Festival this summer.
Our amazing contributors to the book are: Steve Anker, Peter Hutton, Denah
Johnston, Janis Crystal Lipzin, Scott MacDonald, Richard Peña, Andréa
Picard, JP Sniadecki, Ben Rivers and Peter Tscherkassky. This book will
also include some letters from Baillie’s close friends and great filmmakers
Chick Strand and Stan Brakhage. Bruce is an under-recognized filmmaker
whose films, and work as an advocate, have had a huge impact on the legacy
and vitality of experimental and avant-garde filmmaking. We want to
recognize that impact.

We are raising money to organize the screenings, and hopefully to expand
the scope of the tour and bring the films to more cities and venues. This
money will also be used to help preserve Baillie's films and to publish the

We are asking friends and lovers of BB's work to spread the word. Please
feel free to post and share the project, forward this email, and spread the
word within your communities both on and offline. If you would like to post
and need any more information or images to share, do not hesitate to ask!

There are only 14 days left!

Here is the link:

We appreciate and thank you in advance for your support!


BB team
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