Dear Frameworks members,

This is Simonetta Menossi. I wrote to the mailing list some time ago to ask
if there was anyone who would have wanted to help me by being a Film
Studies academic advisor for me. The reason I asked for your help is that I
was a Doctoral Student at University of Michigan in the Screen Arts and
Cultures Department, but due to health problems, with my deep dismay, I had
to leave the PhD program.

I am doing well now and my goal is to restart my academic career.
Unfortunately, all my previous advisors lost faith in my academic potential
during my time at UMICH. I understand that because I was not able to be
academically productive as I should have been.

However, I know that I can be an exceptional Film Studies scholar, really
exceptional. It is who I want to be and what I want to do. Studying,
conducting research, and watching movies of all kinds represent my life.
So, I am asking, very humbly, if there is a Film Studies scholar who can
help me now and guide me along my academic path.

I am willing to repay for your help doing research for you, reading drafts
of your work, helping with your teaching, etc.

Please, help me.

I thank you.

Best regards to all of you,
Simonetta Menossi
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