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> From: Fred Camper <f...@fredcamper.com>
Hi Fred,

Glad to learn you're still with us. I was beginning to wonder...

> Why not tell us your name, location, and the name of the school?
I quite agree that a presentation would have been in order. And a lot 
friendlier. But then, it takes all kinds to make a community.

> FraneWorks doesn't feel like much of a community anymore.
But I think it still is. It's just that many of us old lurkers are too blasé, 
or too busy, to keep up with the chat. Except when something important crops 

> To be contrary I'd suggest...
Good ol' Fred, keeping us on our toes!  ;-)

Keep it up,

Deke "not getting any younger, either" Dusinberre

Tel: (33-1)

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