Hi Xavi,

Looks like quite a project! Can you share any details on the LED and lens 
you're using in the projector? Are you using it as a replacement for the bulb 
or as an alternative solution for a transfer machine? I'm working on something 
similar at the moment and would be interested in knowing more. Please keep 
sharing here, I think that there's enough of an audience for these types of 


> On May 18, 2016, at 20:52, FCO. JAVIER HURTADO MOMPEO <xhurt...@ub.edu> wrote:
> hello everybody 
> here some pictures
> one power led instead of the halogen EIKI lamp (same power and one can turn 
> it on and off fast)
> and I think that there can be seen the two shutters in the background (motor 
> controlled)
> its a hacked eiki slim line proyector
> will upload a video when finish the prototype
> (I would not want to bother anybody, I´m not a filmmaker my field is video 
> and new technologies but I find these research I´m doing call "Machines of 
> the visible" closed of some of your research works.. so I will keep on 
> uploading information for if somebody is interested... thanks for your time)
> best 
> xavi
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> <power ed con shutters.jpg>
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