*Monday June 13, 7:30pm*
*"Mneme3" and "Nadir"*
new performances by Raha Raissnia
w/ live sound by Pangiotis Mavridis and Dalius Naujo

Microscope is very pleased to present the debut of two film performances by
Raha Raissnia, an artist working primarily with painting and live film
performance. Raissnia’s latest performance “Nadir” is a  20-minute work for
prepared 35mm projector, an apparatus used in her first film performance
more than a decade ago, featuring a long, single 35mm filmstrip that has
been collaged and hand-painted. Sound is performed live by Panagiotis
Mavridis and Dalius Naujo using drums and homemade instruments.

The 30-minute “Mneme 3”, for four projectors (one 35mm slide and three 16mm
film), is a new version of “Mneme”, an earlier work performed at The
Drawing Center in New York earlier this year. This piece has been
reconfigured in its structure to include additional hand-painted 16mm film
strips and 35mm slides. In response to this new arrangement and added
materials, Panagiotis Mavridis has changed the overall tonal arrangement of
its soundtrack by adding percussive passages that will be performed by
Dalius Naujo.

Both works are projected onto double hand made and painted screens by the

Raha Raissnia’s work is currently on view at the gallery as part of the
group exhibition “Off Screen”, continuing through June 20th.


*“Mneme 3″*, 2016
Performance for 4 projectors, hand-painted 16mm film & 35mm slides,
hand-painted double screens, 30 minutes
Live sound performance by Panagiotis Mavridis and Dalius Naujo using drums
and homemade instruments

“In Greek mythology Mneme is one of the three muses. She is memory
personified. Her two sisters are Aoide, muse of song and music, and Melete,
muse of study. When I finished making this work and showed it to
Panagiotis, he said it made him think of the way our memory works. The work
is made out of pre-existing materials that I cut, painted, and collaged
together, making something entirely new. So, after reflecting a bit, I
agreed with him that, yes, this is in fact analogous to the way our memory
functions; Mneme puts together bits and pieces from the past and forms new
meaning in the present.” – Raha Raissnia

*“Nadir”*, 2016
Performance for one prepared 35mm projector, painted 35mm film,
hand-painted double screens, 20 minutes
Live sound performance by Panagiotis Mavridis and Dalius Naujo using drums
and home made instruments

“This piece consists of a long strip of 35mm hand painted collage film that
I hand feed and manipulate through an old 35mm slide projector. The imagery
is derived from a series of still photographs I have recently taken in my
studio. The basic structural elements: light, lens, film and screen are all
here directly manipulated by hand. It is a reductive piece that is visceral
and tactile, expressing an emotional response to the human condition.” –
Raha Raissnia

*general admission $8*
*students with ID and Members $6*

*Raha Raissnia* (b.1968 Tehran, Iran) creates complex works which combine
painting, film and drawing. Much of her work is focused on exploring the
intersection of these different mediums and how each informs the other in
terms of their materiality and their respective processes of making.
Raissnia lives and works in Brooklyn and is represented by Miguel Abreu
Gallery in New York.

*Panagiotis Mavridis *(b. 1980, Athens, Greece ) works with sculpture,
drawing and sound. In recent years he has been involved in designing and
making musical instruments that combine electronic and acoustic principles.

*Dalius Naujo (Naujokaitis)* (b. Vilnius, Lithuania) finds music
everywhere, from the sounds of nature to the hum of cities. And in his
hands, very diverse objects – dishes, handrails, saws – turn into musical
instruments. Naujokaitis values spontaneous music making very highly,
participating with great passion in various performances, including many
initiated by him. He has played and recorded with a variety of New York
bands including Kenny Wolleson’s Himalayas and Wollesonics, Art Baron,
Butch Morris, Joey Barron, Briggan Krauss, Jeff Ballard, Brazilian Girls,
Tim Keiper, Jonathon Haffner, Otomo Yoshihide, Rocco John Group, and On
Davis’ Cartoon Satellite among many others. Naujo, who has performed at
Microscope Gallery in numerous occasions, started his musical career in
Lithuania and regularly returns for various projects.

Microscope Gallery, 1329 Willoughby Ave, 2b, Brooklyn, NY 11237

tel: 347.925.1433, i...@microscopegallery.com

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