hi jonathan -

i believe this might be hans scheugl's zzz: hamburg special from 1968?
enrico camporesi and jonathan poultier showed it recently at the
pompidou... (more info here:
http://expcinema.org/site/en/events/duchamp-du-film)  i hope that is

edb x

On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 3:33 PM, Jonathan Walley <wall...@denison.edu>

> Hello friends,
> I’m a little embarrassed to ask this question, because in doing so I point
> up the shockingly disorganized state of both my archive and my mind. But
> it’s driving me crazy, so…
> Within the past year, I saw (either online or in a book or journal) photo
> documentation of a film performance in which a length of thread (or string,
> or yarn) was loaded into a 16mm projector and projected. I can’t recall is
> this was a recent work or an older one (from the heyday of expanded
> cinema), but it was definitely a still image, not video documentation.
> I know a lot of filmmakers have worked with the concept of film as
> thread/cinema as weaving, and this was along those lines (pardon my
> inability to escape the line/string/thread metaphors), but I cannot for the
> life of me recall who the filmmaker was or where I saw this bit of
> documentation.
> If anyone can suggest names or filmmakers or works that might fit this
> bill, or at least lead me down the right rabbit hole, I’d be most grateful.
> I’ve been looking through all my materials but have had no luck recovering
> this, and am beginning to become…wait for it…unraveled.
> Thank you all - best wishes,
> Jonathan
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