1)  For a wall mounted, flat monitor gallery installation, what is the most 
efficient, low foot print means of bringing a looping digital video image to 
the screen via a file rather than a dvd player? Also, recommendations for 
particular types and models of monitors?

2)  A hotel I'm consulting with wants to PROJECT a video image onto a wall. The 
throw is about 12 feet with the projected image being about 5 or 6 feet across. 
They do NOT wish to use a monitor. The projector will be permanently installed 
on a raised platform and we'd like to keep the footprint as small as possible. 
So do we use a very small dvd player or is there a way to play a looping 
digital file through a projector? I'd also appreciate recommendations for small 
projector models.

Please email me off list (in addition to on list for everyone else) as I'm 
hoping to get some suggestions, particularly on question 2, by midday pacific 
coast time.

Thank you! Ken
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