On the experiment side, certainly a few selected films by Gregory Markopoulos.


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Dear Frameworkers,

For a program I’ll be co-teaching at The Evergreen State College next winter 
and spring quarters, I’m looking for short experimental and/or narrative films 
that use Greek literature, themes, philosophy and mythology as an inspiration 
or point of departure.  [Our program, called THE EPIC AND THE EVERYDAY, 
combines ancient Greek literature and media production.]  I’ve used feature 
films in a past iteration of this program (e.g. O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? and 
LANDSCAPE IN THE MIST), but I’d like to mix in more short work, since I will be 
teaching media production as part of this program and students will be making 
short work.  Films utilizing found footage would be especially useful.  (The 
last time I taught this program, I used some of Jay Rosenblatt’s work in this 
context.)  Happily, I will have a little bit of a budget to rent 
or—preferably—buy the work for our campus library.  Thank you for you 

Best wishes,

Caryn Cline
Experimental Filmmaker & Teacher

film still from "Ektacy" (2015)

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