Hi Caryn I have a short film at Canyon Cinema entitled Delaware Park in
Buffalo made circa 1968. I shot it while tripping on lsd and is a travel
through the Park ending up at the Albright Knox Museum. The sound track has
Ed Sander's singing "A Hymn to Sappho"  in Ancient Greek from the Fugs LP
entitled "It Crawled into My Hands, Honest".

I know it is on the "edge" of what you are looking for, however, it may
just work.


On Sat, Jun 25, 2016 at 8:59 AM, Caryn Cline <carynycl...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Frameworkers,
> For a program I’ll be co-teaching at The Evergreen State College next
> winter and spring quarters, I’m looking for short experimental and/or
> narrative films that use Greek literature, themes, philosophy and mythology
> as an inspiration or point of departure.  [Our program, called THE EPIC AND
> THE EVERYDAY, combines ancient Greek literature and media production.]
> I’ve used feature films in a past iteration of this program (e.g. O BROTHER
> WHERE ART THOU? and LANDSCAPE IN THE MIST), but I’d like to mix in more
> short work, since I will be teaching media production as part of this
> program and students will be making short work.  Films utilizing found
> footage would be especially useful.  (The last time I taught this program,
> I used some of Jay Rosenblatt’s work in this context.)  Happily, I will
> have a little bit of a budget to rent or—preferably—buy the work for our
> campus library.  Thank you for you suggestions.
> Best wishes,
> CC
> Caryn Cline
> Experimental Filmmaker & Teacher
> vimeo.com/carynyc
> film still from "Ektacy" (2015)
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