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A historical question:

What was the first film to do a time-exposed single-frame sequence from a 
car/driver POV?  Koyaanisqatsi popularized the effect in 1983, but when was it 
first done?  I worked on a student film in 1975 called Nervous on the Road that 
featured this technique at mid-point, but surely we weren't the first, were we? 
 You can check a very compressed file of Nervous out on Vimeo at

When we did this we were going for the slit-scan look of the stargate sequence 
from 2001, but that was an animation process and we were doing real-world 
cinematography with a wind-up Bolex.  It won an award at a film festival in 
1997 and was broadcast over four midwest PBS stations in 1980 and not shown 

So who originated this effect?

Gregory Gutenko
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