AVANT16: So Is This

The 13th edition of AVANT is a tribute to Michael Snow's film So Is This. A 
film that consists only of text and challenges the idea that film, or language, 
refers to a surrounding world. This, in So Is This is simply the event that 
unfolds when the film takes place.

Besides Michael Snow (Canada) the filmmakers Els van Riel (Belgium), Esther 
Urlus (Netherlands) and Elke Groen (Austria) are invited. All three deals with 
film as an event and with the material specificity of film; van Riel with time, 
Urlus with the materiality of film colour, and Groen with the actual memory of 
the film material.

AVANT begins on Friday evening at Kristinehamn Art Museum with a screening of 
So Is This after which follows the opening of Els van Riel's installations Five 
Screens and OMER. Saturday opens at cinema Arenan in Karlstad with a screening 
of Snow's La Région Centrale. After this follows two programs with films by 
Esther Urlus and Elke Groen.

AVANT has been organized since 2002 and the 13th edition is a collaboration 
between Världsalltet, Kristinehamn Art Museum, Karlstad and Stockholm 
University. So Is This is sponsored by Karlstad University, Karlstad 
Municipality, Kristinehamn Art Museum and Region Värmland.

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