Beautiful film--thanks for the post so we got to see it on vimeo. The process 
yields very interesting results.
Wish my projectors were functioning--have to spend money to get them tuned up.

On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 8:12 PM, Beebe, Roger W. <> wrote:

Many of you have seen my 2006 laser-printed film TB TX DANCE.  If not 
(somehow), it’s online here:

I’m about to make some new prints for myself, and I had the (slightly crazy?) 
idea that maybe others out there would be interested in owning a print.  I’m 
expecting them to be fairly cheap, since it’s a b/w sound-on-film original that 
can just be contact printed as super 16mm.  I don’t know exactly what the 
prints will cost—I’m hoping it’ll be less than $50 per—and I’m planning to sell 
prints at the once-standard 3x print cost.  If you’re interested, send me an 
email to let me know, and I can keep you in the loop as I know more about exact 
costs.  These won’t be “editioned” or anything—I’ll make as many prints as 
required to satisfy demand.  There’ll be no limitation on where you can screen 
‘em—private use, public screenings, classroom instruction are all fine with me.

And to be clear, for the moment I’m just making positive prints for the 
single-channel version, but if anyone’s crazy enough to want the negative 
version as well to be able to present the two-channel version screened on that 
Vimeo version, I will eventually make myself a new negative version too, so I 
could add eventually satisfy those requests too.

I figure they’ll make great stocking stuffers for the experimental filmmaker in 
your life…

Any takers?
212 873-1353 main
212 203-3048 mobile
202 West 80th St. #5W
New York, NY 10024

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