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> I'm researching docs that feature expressive dramatizations, either as brief 
> interstitial moments or extended scenes such as 'The Act of Killing'. I look 
> forward to any and all suggestions. 

More proof the the word “documentary” or the ugly “docs” has lost all meaning.

How about calling them “docudramas” or “fictional reenactments of things that 
might have happened, as imagined by someone who probably wasn’t there when it 
did happen?”

Or “reality-inspired fiction.”

Yes, some of the earliest “documentaries” restaged events, because the 
technology made it difficult to capture things as they happened.  But many 
people labored long and hard to make it possible to film real life as it 

Now it seems that many people prefer to fake it.  (There are entire series on 
PBS devoted to bad fake history “films” made by people who think they belong in 
Hollywood — e.g. American Masters.  Or watch “The History Channel.”)

Yes, The Act of Killing is not so simple-minded (though I have not seen it, 
I’ve read about it) but many more recent films are.

Jeff “grumpy old cinema-verite partisan” Kreines

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