Hi Adam,

a must see is the Swedish "Altisonans" (1966) composed with  sound from 
satellites (Karl-Borger Blomdhal) and electronic imagery designed by Ralph 
Lundsten. Shot on 16 mm.


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I'm working on programming a series around a theme of earth satellites &
astronomy, for a museum that is doing an exhibition linked to JPL (Jet
Propulsion Lab - the people behind our space probes, etc)

This is supposed to be a more mainstream series, and there will be some
Hollywood sci-fi features as part of it, so we're not going too far out
(so to speak).

But I'm looking for recommendations of experimental films that somehow
involve/invoke astronomical imagery, or, perhaps even better, imagery of
earth-orbiting satellites, and views of earth from satellites.  I hope to
run one in front of each feature, or have one evening of them.

I am thinking of:
Films by Semiconductor ­ Brilliant Noise; Black Rain
Films by Jeanne Liotta
Films by Jordan Belson ­ Allures; Samadhi (1967); Cosmos (1969); World

I have already been through Robert Haller's booklet on his series
"Universe" but I think I am not going to stretch this series to include
his time or other science-based films.  We're sticking with astronomy and

Additional suggestions, please?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,


Adam Hyman
Los Angeles Filmforum

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