Off the top of my head -

Sarah Biagini has a really excellent 16mm film called I SWIM NOW:
and her Vimeo page has a number of other short works making quite elaborate
use of the optical printer, including Ikiru Wipes, in which she isolates
all the different wipes in Kurosawa's Ikiru and piles them on top of each
other and so forth.

Heather Trawick has done some very cool optical work in her films, though I
can't recall specifically in terms of traveling mattes, etc.

Naoko Tasaka made a really mesmerizingly weird film called Flower, which,
though it was finished on digital, does reflect a lot of optical work and
hand-processing she did throughout the process.

John Kneller, Paul Winkler, Daichi Saito, Andrew Busti... Malena Szlam has
some fantastic work, and has some new stuff in the works which may or may
not involve optical printing.

Mark T

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 11:03 AM, rebecca moran <>

> Hi all!
> I forgot to mention, I am specifically looking for new works that were
> created in the last five years, and also would like to highlight that works
> by female filmmakers are greatly appreciated!
> I have gathered quite some of the classic optical printer pieces from
> lightcone and canyon from the 70's 80's.
> best,
> Rebecca
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