I have experience with this part. I found that the thread was wrong for
my Lomo so a friend made this modification: 


We printed it on a typical "FDM" printer (like a Makerbot) but the part
was weak and snapped after several uses. I'm new to 3D printing so I
didn't realize til later that he set up the printer to use less than
100% infill (this is typical practice when printing objects where the
exterior is the only important area). It probably would have held up
nicely if printed with 100% infill, so I would recommend trying this

Later I ordered the part from shapeways, using their "strong and
flexible plastic" material (which is laser-sintered from a powder). The
result was much stronger, but a bit dusty. I had to "break in" the
threads by repeatedly screwing it into a matching metric nut, but
eventually it worked and seems strong.Dunno if it will eventually
dissolve though! 

I don't know about the longterm because our students managed to crack
the Lomo platters badly enough that the whole thing is now useless.

-Zach Poff, Cooper Union Art School
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