Dear Friends,

I am traveling to Cuba in December to present a series of experimental
cinema at the Havana Film Festival and need funds to help defray the costs
of this journey.

For the past ten years I have been traveling to Havana Cuba showing almost
100 programs of North American Avant Garde Films at the Festival
Internatcional des Nuevo Cine Latino Americano.

Traveling to Cuba during the Bush administration was quite fearful and
challenging since it was a felony to have any financial transactions with a
terrorist country. These avant garde/experimental screenings have traced
the history  experimental cinema from Maya Deren (1940s)  to contemporary
experimental filmmakers from North America. These exhibitions of
experimental cinema was the first time that the Havana Film Festival
presented this genre of films in its 50 years of operation. Prior to 2006
the Festival concentrated only on Narrative, Documentary and Animation.

This year marks the 10th year anniversary of  these exhibitions. Programmed
are 8 exhibitions of avant garde films to be shown from December 9th thru
December 16th. The screenings that I will present in December includes “the
best of the fest” as well as  many new films from experimental filmmakers
whose work has never been shown there.

I am happy to say that now I am traveling directly to Havana from San
Francisco and no longer need to travel through Mexico. In October of this
year many American Airlines have opened round trip tickets to Havana from
many major airports. San Francisco Airport is one of these cities.

The Festival has never been able to compensate my traveling and
accommodations during my stay in Havana The past trips had been out of
pocket expenses. Since I am currently semi retired and not employed or
teaching, this years journey to and from the Festival presents me with a
financial hardship. I am not connected to any Universities or Colleges that
would reimburse for such a journey nor would pay my expenses.  I am asking
for donations to help defray the costs of this trip. Any donation that you
may be able to provide will be greatly appreciated. These avant garde
exhibitions have become popular and they have exposed many Cuban filmmakers
and audiences to this genre and have encouraged young filmmakers in Havana
to explore cinema as an art form.

The estimated cost for travel and expenses is approximately $1500.

Please send any donations to my pay pal account. For
donations of $50 or more I will send a copy of my last film “The Soul of
Things” as a thank you. Make sure to include your mailing address.


PS do not mention Cuba in your response to paypal. I have had my acct
frozen in the past because the economic blockade is still in place.

Dominic Angerame (paypal acct as well)
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