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The acclaimed BIG EARS festival — which Brooklyn Magazine called “the 
avant-garde SXSW”, and which Rolling Stone calls “America’s premiere 
avant-garde gathering" — is announcing its first-ever open call for film 

Though it is well established as one of the most acclaimed and eclectic music 
festivals in the country, the last two editions of the festival have featured 
more and more cinema. Artists like Laurie Anderson, Bill Morrison, Jodie Mack, 
and Shambhavi Kaul, among many others, have visited the festival and shared 
their work through retrospectives, premiere screenings, performances, and 

The Public Cinema is now in its second year curating and expanding the 
cinematic offerings at Big Ears, and we are happy to invite submissions for 
next year’s film program. 

It is FREE to submit your film. You may submit via an online form found here:

We are especially interested in film/video work that would be a World, North 
American, USA, or Southeast regional premiere in March 2017. Regardless of 
premiere status, we are excited to consider any work that might be appropriate 
for the festival. 

The dates for Big Ears are March 23-26, 2017. We hope you will consider sharing 
your work with us, and we invite you to share this announcement with anyone 
that might be interested!

Thank you,

Paul Harrill & Darren Hughes
The Public Cinema

ps. If you are unfamiliar with Big Ears here are some articles that will give 
you a good sense of the festival:

Rolling Stone

Brooklyn Magazine

The New York Times

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