I re-barrelled a 35mm projection lens from a bunch I got from my local theatre 
when they went digital.  The barrels on some of the 35mm lenses are quite 
narrow and you can take apart a 16mm lens and use the barrel over the 35mm 
barrel.  It worked on a Bell and Howell, not sure about Eiki.    There are 
numoerous 35mm lenses online on eBay.  The lens length that I used was a 32mm. 
It came from a short throw stadium seating movie plex theatre.  I am away until 
December 15, but after that I could take pictures of my set up if you want. 


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16mm projector lens questions

> I would get a projector first and get the lens for the projector

I would, too. But Benj wants a projector that will accommodate his looper, and 
that may limit his choices.

> How does putting a magnifying element in front of a 50mm lens this compare 
> optically to using a dedicated WA projector lens?

You lose some brightness, and your 50mm might not be as fast as the WA to begin 
with. The main issue though is that the adapters don’t decrease the effective 
focal length that much. For decent screen size and a short throw you need a 
very wide lens.

> Someone mentioned using a re-housed Super8 lens.

I’d put the odds of that covering a 16mm frame w/o severe vignetting at about 

> I have a decent lens from one of the top of line Elmo super8 projectors, any 
> advice about rehousing this if you’ve done it?

The barrel should be narrower than the opening on an Eiki 16mm projector, so 
just take out the Eiki lens, and hold the Elmo lens in there if you need 
confirmation it won’t work.

Elmo barrels are a bit narrower than Eiki barrels, and there are 
slide-over-the-barrel adapters to make Elmo lenses fit in Eikis — if you can 
find them, and if you can find an Elmo WA at all, much less one that doesn’t 
cost an arm and a leg. Buhl made narrow barrel lens that can be shimmed out 
with similar slide-on adapters for use in either Elmos or Eikis. Good luck 
finding a WA one of those, too.

Your best chance of finding some W/A solution would be with a later model true 
Bell & Howell or Singer-Telex, both of which have lens barrel diameters of 
52.5mm (vs. 40mm for Elmo and 42.5mm for Eiki). That would probably be getting 
a 38mm lens, and putting some adapter glass in front of it to widen it out to 
around 25mm. But then there’s a higher risk of the mechanism eating the film, 
and you may not be able to jury rig your looper, either.

I wrote up a 16mm projector guide with info on this stuff a number of years 
back. I’ll leave a zipped .pdf it in my Dropbox for awhile if anyone wants to 
take a look:

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