There are a lot of old film-to-video devices out there that produce pretty
rotten looking 480i video with 3:2 pulldown.  Some of them are still selling
for good money.  We do not live in the 480i world any longer.

There are a number of actually very good looking film-to-video systems that
use modified DSLRs at very low framerates for digitizing film.  These can
actually look very good, but the camera shutters are not designed for that
kind of heavy use and so the total lifetime of the system is pretty low.

I really don't know of any inexpensive line scanning systems that come out
with directly digitized unprocessed images right now.  There should definitely
be a market for it.

The $200 8mm scanner that started this thread might actually be a pretty good
idea, IF someone could throw out all the software and write decent drivers for
the thing that would extract unprocessed scans.

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