Frameworkers!  I don't know who you are, but . . .  It's like the
letters my father writes that I never answer.  They just keep coming,
even as I throw them directly in the trash.  What, then, is it to
write someone, anyway?

But Peter Hutton work screened at Nightingale.  And I wonder, well:

What does this have to do with higher education?  That wasn't the
first thing, though.  It was, is this still acceptable?  It was funny,
after the show - all totally silent - I had to think of André Kertész
photographs.  Is this even experimental?  The girl in the seat in
front of me rested her head on her boyfriend's shoulder.  It was an
experience resembling a service of some kind.  The show was very well
attended.  I'm not just saying that.  And understandably so, because
the experience is hard to get!  It's in film, for god's sake, and it
couldn't possibly be otherwise - it's pure, it's committed to this
extremely disciplined style.  You could think, you could wait, and
there was never anything to distract you . .  (I'm thinking of the
river film and the Polish city film) . .  But then there's that what
does this have to do with higher education?  Can this really be part
of a course of study?  That's where I lose it.

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