1.  Hutton was an educator.

2.  For most people, appreciation of “pure” art, of “extremely disciplined 
style” is learned, not an inherent given of personality, biology, or whatever.  
Taste is a social construction,

3.  Educating potential viewers so they can have such art experiences is (at 
least in part) an act of love, a social act that makes this a better world.

Chuck Kleinhans

> On Dec 3, 2016, at 11:03 AM, Bernard Roddy <tactilecor...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Frameworkers!  I don't know who you are, but . . .  It's like the
> letters my father writes that I never answer.  They just keep coming,
> even as I throw them directly in the trash.  What, then, is it to
> write someone, anyway?
> But Peter Hutton work screened at Nightingale.  And I wonder, well:
> What does this have to do with higher education?  That wasn't the
> first thing, though.  It was, is this still acceptable?  It was funny,
> after the show - all totally silent - I had to think of André Kertész
> photographs.  Is this even experimental?  The girl in the seat in
> front of me rested her head on her boyfriend's shoulder.  It was an
> experience resembling a service of some kind.  The show was very well
> attended.  I'm not just saying that.  And understandably so, because
> the experience is hard to get!  It's in film, for god's sake, and it
> couldn't possibly be otherwise - it's pure, it's committed to this
> extremely disciplined style.  You could think, you could wait, and
> there was never anything to distract you . .  (I'm thinking of the
> river film and the Polish city film) . .  But then there's that what
> does this have to do with higher education?  Can this really be part
> of a course of study?  That's where I lose it.
> Bernie
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