I am screening one of Peter's film at the Festival International del Nuevo
Cine Latinoamericano in Havana next week.

Below are some of the filmmakers whose work I will be showing at the
The screenings in Habana are held from December 9-December 16th 2016.

Next Week I present the 10th Anniversary of my Avant Garde programs at the
Festival Interncional Del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano. This year's
presentation will celebrate the 10th anniversary of my avant garde film
programs in Habana. These screenings will include the best films previously
screened as well as work by Lynn Sach, Mark Street, Scott Stark, Richard
Alpert and Joshua Gibson who will be in attendance. Also included are the
works by: Bruce Baillie; Robert Nelson; Maya Deren; Harry Smith; Sitney
Peterson; James Broughton; Frank Stauffacher; Janie Geiser; Shirley Clarke;
Suzan Pitt; Marie Menken; Chris Kennedy; Storm DeHirsch; Bryan Konefsky;
Carolee Schneeman; Peggy Awesh; Victor Faccinto; Ben Van Meter; Peter
Hutton; Tom Palazzolo; Chick Strand; Jo Ann Elam and scores of other
filmmakers. Including in these programs are works by Philip Hoffman, Manule
Cecconello and films by Dominic Angerame who pioneered the first screening
of experimental films as part of this Film Festival.

On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 9:13 AM, Eric Theise <ericthe...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Frameworkers,
> You may be aware that Jennifer Reeves & Mark Street, as a tribute to the
> late Peter Hutton, put out a call for submissions of 100 foot rolls of 16mm
> black and white shot with Peter in mind. The compilation, "A Roll for
> Peter", screened at Bard College on 22 October and had a sold out screening
> as part of Mono No Aware's festival in Brooklyn on 9 November.
>   http://mononoawarefilm.com/calendar/2016/11/9/mono-x-gowanus-darkroom
> Like me, you may have thought: I'd kinda like to see that before it gets
> disassembled.
> So. I've volunteered to coordinate a tour of the project. We'll likely
> have a screening in Oakland, CA, during the first half of December and a
> San Francisco screening sometime in 2017. There's also been interest
> expressed in University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and University of Central
> Florida screenings in 2017.
> This is an invitation for you to contact me if you'd be interested in
> screening the project between now and May 2017.
> There's a single projection segment that runs 45 minutes and a double
> projection segment that runs 15 minutes. A venue needs two comparable 16mm
> projectors and a "wide enough" projection area. Academic venues should not
> charge admission for a screening; microcinemas & artist-run spaces may
> charge enough to cover their expenses. All venues are responsible for
> timely and insured shipping to the next venue on the tour.
> I'll note that the two New York screenings also screened Hutton's "New
> York Portrait, Chapter I", but venues would be on their own to rent or
> otherwise screen material beyond "A Roll for Peter".
> I'll coordinate dates, put up a page for the project, keep tabs on the
> whereabouts of the reels, and make sure screenings are listed in "This week
> in avant garde cinema".
> Please get in touch if this is something you'd like to be a part of.
> Thanks, Eric
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