Pretty much the "textbook definition of bigorty," to paraphrase a certain prominent Republican on another Republican, characterizing a whole group of people and making blanket assumptions about them. But I long ago learned to pay little attention to Bernie's posts....

Fred Camper

On 12/9/2016 8:21 AM, Bernard Roddy wrote:
Down with filmmakers, long live film!  What is a filmmaker today?  Who
amongst those interested in film would embrace the title?  What do we
have in mind when we think of what needs to be made, what we have to
see now, today?  Filmmakers are the last to know now.  They are the
most remote from even the technology of film, which is not just a
question of emulsion, nor a question of optical printing.  Could we
understand this technology without understanding what animation is,
without thinking about architecture, as architecture is understood
within urban studies . . and the book!  The book has more to do with
film than anything narrating a subject's desires. Down with
filmmakers, the elderly and rural pedagogues along with the young
opportunists, the youtube mob.  Long live film!

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