I'm pleased to let you all know that the tour of A Roll for Peter, the
Peter Hutton tribute film organized by Jennifer Reeves & Mark Street, has
eight confirmed dates as we head into 2017, commencing with Friday the 13th
of January at the UNEXPOSED Microcinema in Durham, NC.

For those of you who don't follow links, the dates/venues thus far are
    13 January: UNEXPOSED Microcinema, Durham, NC
    19 January: Sunspot Cinema/UCF Art Gallery, Orlando, FL
    25 January: Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
    25 February: Spectacle Society, Dallas, TX
    1 March: LFL at 21c, Lexington, KY
    7 March: UWM Union Cinema, Milwaukee, WI
    9 April: Hamilton College F.I.L.M. SERIES/Bradford Auditorium, Clinton,
    23 April: Cellular Cinema/Bryant-Lake Bowl, Minneapolis, MN

and if you do follow links, here's one to the most detailed and up-to-date
page for the overall project:

If you run a series and would like to present A Roll for Peter between now
and late May 2017, please review the details at that page, then email me
with some proposed dates.

I've been in touch with people in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore,
Boston, Boulder, Buffalo, Chicago, Detroit, Iowa City, Knoxville, New
Orleans, Portland (OR), Providence, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and
Tucson about screenings. Some cases: no reply; some cases: a date &
location should be announced soon. If you'd like to see A Roll for Peter in
one of those cities, email me OFF LIST and I'll let you know who I've been
talking with.

If there's an additional city or venue where you would like the project
shown, please reply or email me off list with your ideas and

Thanks for your interest in and support of this project!

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