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You may wish to look at Hollis Frampton’s Zorn’s Lemma (the final section) – 
which references (however obliquely) the 11th C philosopher Robert Grosseteste, 
a medieval cosmologist and philosopher who wrote “On light and the beginning of 
forms, which was meant to offer a metaphor of the visible/tangible world as an 
symbol of the spiritual world.

                ~ sarah

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Subject: [Frameworks] experimental films with philosophical text?

Hi all,
Can you recommend to me any experimental, avant-garde films that examine key 
works/thinkers of Western continental or analytical philosophy?

The type of film I'm interested in is not a film that can be analyzed through a 
philosophical lens, but rather one in which a philosophical text makes some 
kind of direct appearance (through a quotation, intertitle, etc.) For instance, 
one example might be the 16mm film Valley Fever by Stephanie Beroes, 1986, 
which features a woman reading lengthy excerpts from Maurice Merleau-Ponty's 
phenomenological thought.
I am currently working on a list of experimental films united by a common 
interest in visualizing philosophical texts.  Alas, this subfield is not my 
main area of expertise, so your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

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