Myself & Jo Millett:
Miller & Sweep 16mm 1982
Field Recordings: Goonhilly SD Video 2012
RootedOut 2 X 16mm live, sound 2017 (in progress) for ReRooted Hull17 (March 
25th 2017)

Rob Gawthrop

On 10 Feb 2017, at 15:59, minou norouzi <> wrote:

> Dear Frameworkers,
> I'm doing some research on filmmaking couples and wondered if you could help?
> Am looking to identify filmmakers who are in relationships with other 
> filmmakers, or those have been in the past, and where their individual works 
> are distinct and separate from each other, rather than outright 
> collaborations (if that makes sense). This, within the artist's film, 
> artist-made film, experimental film genre. 
> The pairings I'm looking to identify need not be heterosexual pairings; very 
> open to historical suggestions as well. They just both need to have made a 
> significant number of films of their own.
> Look forward to hearing your suggestions - very many thanks in advance!
> Minou 
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