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Some Jordan Belson news  -

a.  *Jordan Belson: Films Sacred and Profane*, retrospective film program
from Center for Visual Music, screens at BFI Southbank, London February 28
(next Tuesday)  and Centre Pompidou, Paris on Friday March 3. I'll be
introducing both programs. Includes new preserved 16mm prints of Music of
the Spheres (original long version), Chakra, Allures, Momentum, LSD, Vortex
V presentation reel and more; rare films (16mm prints) including Mandala
and Seance; and new HD transfers of Bop Scotch, Samadhi, and the unreleased

b.  CVM's new DVD is here, a compilation of rare historical visual music
and experimental animation films from the archive, including 3 films by
Belson: Mandala, Meditation (newly restored) and Chakra. All new HD
transfers. Plus films by Bute, Jules Engel, Charles Dockum and Barry
Spinello. Thirteen rare films featuring pre-computer abstraction, using a
variety of techniques including early oscilloscope experiments, color
organs, hand-drawn sound, animation drawn directly on film, painted
scrolls, and optical printing. Films from the archive of Center for Visual

c. CVM is grateful to have received an Avant-Garde Masters Grant from the
National Film Preservation Foundation, for the preservation of Belson's
Re-entry and Phenomena.

best regards,
Cindy Keefer
Center for Visual Music
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