Concerning acid trips, Gaspar Noé asked my advice when he was developing his film "Enter the Void." We are both huge fans of Kubrick's 2001 as well as of abstract psychedlic films such as by Jordan Belson and the Whitney brothers. He is also a neighbor in Paris. He asked me what films he should watch to get ideas of how to represent a drug trip, and because he already saw all the films I suggested, his research had consisted in taking various quantities of interesting drugs. I think he succeeded in representing the trip visually as abstract patterns filling the screen. The film is shown strictly in 1st person POV of the main character (we even stare into his eyes as he looks in the mirror, while his eyeblinks are represented as periodic black flickers), and the drug trip clouds that vision. Incidentally there is a structural similarity with 2001 in his film, as the character spends the second half of the film in space-limbo, and the journey ends with a psychedelic trip through a uterus to end in an explosion and a fetus...

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Friends, I¹m seeking recommendations of feature films with scenes that attempt to visualize inner states of mind such as breakdowns (Vertigo), nightmares (Spellbound), acid trips (Easy Rider) or any other kind of hallucination (Altered States). Ecstatic or horrific doesn¹t matter. Thanks.
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