Hello all,

Could someone possibly forward me a contact email address for Sarah
Markgraf who edited the recent 'I Was a Flawed Modernist' book of Paul
Sharits' writings?

The Film-Makers Cooperative published this limited edition book earlier
this year, but almost two weeks later they still haven't responded to the
email I sent them in regards to purchasing a copy. The only other place to
buy it online seems to be a broken ecwid link they made which has wildly
inaccurate shipping fees for sending it to the United Kingdom (the total
price comes to over $200!):

I did see Sarah comment to a public Facebook post about the book with the
suggestion of purchasing it directly from her, but I don't have an account
to message her directly, nor do I intend to rejoin the site. It seems such
a pity that a monumental publication like this has not received due care in
its promotion and distribution...

If I can't buy it directly from Sarah, I would greatly appreciate being
provided with another link to buy it, or my message being forwarded to
another seller or individual that has it for sale online - preferably with
slightly more realistic shipping prices!

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