I will say that Larry's replacement worm gear is a good thing for any of
the B&H machines that have worm gear failures.  I have used a number of
them and they have been excellent.

However, I will also say that the worm gear failures that the B&H 500-series
and 1500-series machines are prone to are the result of using a lubricant that
wasn't compatible with the delrin gears.  So if you encounter one of these
machines that hasn't broken a worm gear, clean the grease off and put some
grease that is not going to damage it.  I have been using the Mobil 1 synthetic
grease.  Likely after decades with petroleum grease on them, it won't help
much at this point but it won't hurt anything.

Replacing the worm gear is a very unpleasant job.  I tend to replace the 
front and rear bearings, replace all the cam grease, and often just replace
the pulldown claw if there is any visible notching on the claw, since to
get to the worm gear you have to take the whole thing apart anyway.
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